S: Sage Advice

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

S: Sage Advice

For today’s letter ‘S’, we bring you sage advice, just a little herbal laugh for the day.

sage advice



4 thoughts on “S: Sage Advice

  1. HELP- I want to follow by e-mail notification because I’m too busy to remember to look at Reader or some such thing. I LOVE what I have discovered here while out blog hopping from North Carolina. This is why I bother with all the hard work it takes to participate during the AtoZ Challenge….finding great blogs like this I would otherwise not know about. How can I FOLLOW?

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    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention Stepheny. I thought I had it set up with a follow widget.
      Arghhh!! It turns out that I do. (after playing with it for 15 minutes) But with the theme I chose, it doesn’t show on the front page like most others do.
      On the upper right corner of the home page, there is a set of three little bars. If you click on those, it will pull up the sidebar with the options, such as follow, search, archives etc.
      If it’s my site & I didn’t know it was hidden, I have no idea how readers would know that.
      Thanks for asking about it.


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