W: Well Sweep Herb Farm

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

W: Well Sweep Herb Farm

Well Sweep Herb Farm got on my list of favorite ‘herbal-spots-I’d-like-to-visit-one-day’ many years ago, probably around 1995 or so. Well, here we are, about twenty years later, and I still haven’t made it to New Jersey to visit.

If love herbs and you’re close, swing in for a visit. They have plants, gardens, classes and events. There’s a lot going on at Well Sweep Herb Farm.

well sweep.jpg

Here’s the history of Well Sweep Herb Farm:

In 1966, husband and wife, Cyrus and Louise Hyde, purchased an old run-down house and a piece of property. With a background in farming and a passion for gardening, what began as a homestead gradually transformed and grew into a national attraction.

Louise, author of the hit cookbook Favorite Recipes From Well-Sweep, a mother of three and at one time a licensed physical therapist, orchestrates and sustains the farm’s dynamic symphony of events. Walks and constructing the farm’s stone-bordered gardens occupy her free time and just look for her ever attentive Border Collie if you need to find her.

Cy, a collector of herbs and rare poultry, is filled with the lore of the land. If you have a question, you’ll usually find him in his garden happy to chat. Well-known as a lecturer and for the development of his own plant varieties, in 1991 he received the Herb Society of America’s Nancy Putnam Howard Award for excellence in horticulture. In 2001 the International Herb Association presented him with a professional award for his outstanding contributions to the herb industry.

Our crew, the majority seasonal and a handful of faithfuls, help keep the farm’s mechanism in motion. In the greenhouses – Maria is our expert plant propagator and has transplanting down to an art. Our grandson Patrick, fresh out of college, works in sales and greenhouse production. Brian lends a helping hand wherever needed and maintains the formal herb garden. While David, our eldest son, wears many hats and if it needs doing … he gets it done.

well sweep2.jpg


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