Z: Zinnias

A2Z-BADGE [2016]


For the last day of the A to Z Blog Challenge, the day with the letter ‘Z’, I have to go with ZINNIAS.

One of my favorite garden areas is the memory garden in my yard. In this garden, I have an assortment of plants growing as a tribute to loved ones that have passed. In my Memory Gardens ebook, I talk about different plants to choose for a memory garden.

One of the ways to choose a plant is to pick one that reminds you of your loved one. In it, I write:

A specific plant: Choose a specific plant that reminds you of your loved one. My brother (Butch, who I’ve already mentioned) loved to grow zinnias. Whenever I see zinnias I’m reminded of the ones he grew in Toledo when we were children, and the zinnias he grew as an adult, on his property in Iowa. When I see or smell carnations, memories flood my mind of the carnations my Grandpa Jones grew in Glendora, when I was a young child.

Different colored zinnias have symbolism’s attached to them.

ZINNIA (Magenta) – Lasting Affection

ZINNIA (Mixed) – Thinking (or in memory) of an Absent Friend

ZINNA (Pink) – Lasting Affection

ZINNIA (Yellow) – Daily Remembrance


Zinnias are an annual. Either buy small potted plants in the spring, or they grow easily from seed. They grow for one season, set seed and die. You can harvest the dried seed heads and save the seed for next year. I usually have a few volunteer zinnias sprouting from dropped seeds that I – and the birds – have missed. They’re easy plants to grow. They don’t need a lot of special care or TLC. They even survive in the middle of the garden, the part that gets the most intense Texas summer sun.

Thanks for following during the A to Z Blog Challenge. Wishing you a wonderful day full of herbs, gardens and sunshine.


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