Herb Thyme Liebster Nomination

Liebster Award

I am honored that my HERB THYME blog received a nomination for the Liebster Award 2016 from my new blogging friend, Spice of Life. We met over on the #AtoZChallenge back in April.

These are the guidelines to keep the Liebster circulating (it is designed to show recognition for our blogging efforts):

  1. Display an image of the award and write about your nomination
    2. Thank and link the person who nominated you for the award
    3. Answer the 11 questions prepared for you by the blogger who nominated you
    4. Nominate 5-11 awesome bloggers who you think deserve this award, and create 11 questions of your own for the nominees to answer
    5. List these guidelines in your blog post

Here are my answers to Spice of Life’s questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    It’s been so many years that I can’t really say. I suppose at that time it was to find an audience for DFW Green Scene, a quarterly newsletter that I wrote for a year or two. But blogging morphed into a way to write about my other interests and connect with like-minded people.
    2. Given another chance, which career would you choose?
    I’d work with animals at a wildlife sanctuary.
    3. What is your favourite food?
    4. Do you exercise daily?
    No. Two to three times a week, usually walking.
    5. Can you read and write your mother tongue (if its not English)?
    Only English.
    6. Have you gone out of your way to help a needy person?
    Whenever I see the opportunity I do. But, I have to admit, I help out much easier if it’s not a very time intensive kindness.
    7. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
    A large get together with family, potluck style where the cooking is distributed amongst the group and not left for one person. And if it’s followed with a nice quiet evening at home after all the festivity, it’s all the better.
    8. Can you cook?
    Yes, but now that the kids are grown and out of state, I don’t cook near as much anymore.
    9. Do you know about composting?
    Yes, I’ve composted in a composter and also with worm composting for probably twenty years or so.
    10. Do you recycle?
    Yes, I recycle through the city’s recycling program. I also upcycle whatever I can. I love finding craft ideas where I can repurpose and give something a new life instead of throwing it away.
    11. Given a choice, would you use your own vehicle or public transport?
    My own vehicle. I like the power of being able to come and go at will. Maybe if I were in an area where there were readily available forms of public transport I would use it. Right now I’m in too small of a rural town to have anything available.

I’ve nominated the following blogs for The Liebster Award. The list would have been longer, but some on my list had already had been nominated by others. If you’ve already been nominated and I missed it, I apologize.

Iowa Meets Maui

Neat Habitat

Knitting with Heart

Eat Live Escape

Delight My Tummy

Here are my 11 questions for them:

Which of the following would you choose and why?

  1. Printed books or E-books?
  2. Indoors or Outdoors?
  3. City or Country?
  4. Cats or Dogs?
  5. Shopping or Camping?
  6. Driver or passenger?
  7. Spicy or Mild?
  8. Thriller or Romance?
  9. Blue jeans or Dress Up?
  10. Beach or Mountains?
  11. Classical or Rock?

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