Help! Anyone Know What This Is?

I was out back last week, trying to tame the weeds that have sprung up over the rain we’ve had the past few months. With rain several times a week and the summer heat, I have not been able to keep up with a half acre of rampant growth.

In the midst of an area where the grasses and weeds were thick, was this beautiful flowering ‘weed’. But it didn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. About two to three feet away is an area that I call my ‘birdseed garden’ filled with sunflowers and edible goodies and I don’t maintain the grass or growth in that area. I just let it go. Last year I’d planted a packet of wildflower seeds along the border. Not many grew.

So while this was not where I planted the wildflower seeds, it sprouted and grew several feet away, it’s still close enough that it could be a seed that washed a bit away and grew this year.

I’m puzzled. Anyone out there know?

Thanks for your help!



Unknown 3.jpg


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