It’s an Herb Thing #3


Every week in Tuesday Tales, several of us write to a word prompt. I’ve been writing my historical Vintage Daze Short Stories, adding to them each week as we go along. Until we got to April and the A to Z blog Challenge arrived. I realized that I’d plotted out a short story for my Vintage Daze blog, going from A to Z that conflicted with my Tuesday Tales post.

So, for April, I’m writing a short story on Herb Thyme, since Herb Thyme isn’t participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. For the next five weeks, join Jessica and her desire to work with herbs in this new short story – It’s an Herb Thing.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. Picture prompt weeks are limited to 300 words, so reading will be quick and easy this week. You can check out the other wonderful snippets at Tuesday Tales here.

TT 041519.jpg

At lunch the next week, Jessica was so excited she left the office ten minutes earlier than normal. By the time Laurel strolled up to their favorite picnic spot in the park, Jessica was laying on her back in the grass, nose deep in a handful of canary colored dandelions. She jumped up, grabbed her stack of papers and thrust them towards Laurel. “Look at all the work I’ve been doing! Notes and notes and notes. Who knew starting a little sideline business could take up so much time?” Despite the words sounding like a lot of work, Jessica couldn’t keep the excitement from her voice.

“You pick out a name?”

“I’ve narrowed it down to two. ‘Herbal Delights’ or ‘Olde Thyme Gardens’.”

“Hmmm. Both are good. But if you only have soaps or some other herbal products, maybe the Herbal Delights. Because all the merchandise you sell would be delights. And there’s not really any gardens in what you’re offering.”

“No, other than that’s where the herbs came from – is the gardens. But I was thinking too – about doing some classes. Through the city’s recreation program. I checked into it. They keep a percentage of the class fee. But I’d have access to all the residents and could reach more people. I was thinking I could give gardening classes – about how to grow herbs, or garden planning, or what herbs to grow for different theme gardens.”

“What’s a theme garden?”

“A garden where your plants are centered around a specific theme. Like a potpourri garden would only have plants you’d use to make potpourri. A kitchen garden – only those used in cooking. A Biblical garden – one that has herbs mentioned in the Bible. A medicinal garden-“

“I get it. I get it.” Laurel threw her hands up in the air in mock surrender.


Come back next week for more It’s an Herb Thing.

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8 thoughts on “It’s an Herb Thing #3

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it – and learned something too. (Luckily it was picture prompt week and I had to stay under 300 words – otherwise could have gone on and on … and on about theme gardens LOL)


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