About Herb Thyme

Herbs, herbs, herbs! Sharing the delights of herbs and how they fill our lives every day.
With a few flowers and gardens tossed in here and there.

8 thoughts on “About Herb Thyme

  1. Finally! Couldn’t find this for a while. How lovely to switch to this for spring! This is a poignant story! It’s a preidicament in which so many women find themselves. Something breaks down. The men can’t always be strong and have difficulties and don’t know how to reach out to wives for help and support. They act out, making everything worse. I was so touched by her plight of desperation — wanting to do something and not knowing what or how. Her friend is a lifesaver. I wanted to ask if there was a GoFundMe for her and I’d chip in to get her started! LOL. That’s how real this story was to me. Bravo!! Great job.

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    • Thanks for your insightful comments Jean! I always appreciate reading what you have to say.
      And now I’m laughing to myself, thinking about the GoFundMe. I’ve already worked ahead and got most of the story done – but now – hmmmm….trying to think where I can fit that in LOL


  2. I love that she has such a supportive friend. The husband sounds like some of the cases I’ve been on the other side of in my career. You captured her anguish quite well. Very realistic. Jillian

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  3. Your writing themes are marvelously addictive, including Herb Thyme. You do a fantastic job with them. Thank you for this excerpt, a wrenching, emotional depiction of marital anger and disappointment. I’m really glad she has a supportive friend who can help her believe in her talents and the opportunities around the corner.

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