Come On Spring!

Come On Spring!

Are you tired of winter? Tired of the cold? Itching to get in your garden, dig in the soil, and relish in a blooming, fragrant world?

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Here’s a 50% off coupon for Memory Gardens: Botanical Tributes to Celebrate our Loved Ones. For only $2 you can immerse yourself in the world of plants and learn how to use these growing, living beauties to create a memory garden to honor and remember your loved ones by.

Go here to check out the ebook and see what gardening treasures await you. Just as ‘rosemary is for remembrance’, so too do many other plants harbor symbolic meanings. Find out which ones are associated with different meanings. Learn a few tips about integrating these special plants into your garden (or corner, or simply a single pot) to pay tribute to those you love that have passed.

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